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  • Comfortable, like at official dealer
  • Safe - like in a Swiss bank
  • It's fair - as it should be
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Auto buyback process
  • Call or leave a request on the website

  • car-inspection

    Our specialist will come to you

  • car-report

    We carry out on-site assessments

  • pay-money

    You get money

No more than 1 hour
No more than 1 hour

You come to the showroom, undergo a free diagnostic and legal check of the car, after which an appraisal expert tells you the ransom amount. After your consent, we draw up the documents and you receive your money. Payment form at your request - cash at the cash desk or to a bank account

Safe and legally competent
Safe and legally competent

You are completely protected from fraudulent schemes when selling your car. The entire process is carried out safely and in a civilized manner. Immediately after the transaction, we stop daily use of the vehicle and deregister it. You don’t have to worry about fines and accidents that may happen to you when selling to resellers

Any brands and models
Any brands and models

It makes no difference to us what kind of car you have. The main criteria are legal purity and the absence of serious accidents. For us there are no non-core brands; we value every car on its merits. We also buy credit cars. To do this, you do not need to repay the loan yourself - we will do it for you.

Exchange \ Trade-in
Exchange \ Trade-in

As a rule, the main reason for selling a car is to buy another one. We are guaranteed to value your car more if you choose something in return from us. Only in our company you can exchange a motorcycle, a passenger car or a commercial vehicle.

Customer Reviews   
yaroslav diversaint
Local Guide·173 reviews·115 photos
Помогли в продаже личного авто. Kia optima 2018. На авториа висела 2 месяца. Связалась менеджер Надежда предложила оставить на месяц машину у них на площадке. Изначально не доверял подобным схемам. Но машина пылилась под домом. Завез, через 3 недели связался менеджер Александр, попросил уступить 100 долларов. Машину переформили моментально, деньги забрал в тот же день. Советую, если авто стоит без дела. За услуги с продавца ничего не берут.
Eugene K
Local Guide·43 reviews·32 photos
Допомогли продати авто. На диво знайшли покупця досить швидко - в неділю привіз авто, а вже в середу знайшовся клієнт. Також сподобався сервіс при переоформленні - для мене, як для продавця, все зайняло 10хв, документи вже було підготовлено, все чітко, в обумовлений час. Як для покупців, також дуже зручно, в салоні є більше сотні авто. Тобто в одному місці є можливість подивитися наживо купу різних варіантів, зрозуміти що тобі треба чи не треба, аніж вибирати по фото і описах, катаючись в різні райони міста. Так було і з моїми покупцями, приїхали дивитися одне авто, а сподобалось зовсім інше, моє.
Михаил Дяченко
2 reviews·1 photo
В очередной раз убеждаюсь, что в серьезных вопросах и в приобретении хорошей вещи, всегда нужно обращаться к профессионалу. Две недели назад мы обратились к Андрею по автоподбору. Задали параметры, марку автомобиля и цену, в которою хотим вложится. Через неделю мы получили желаемый автомобиль. Комуникабельность, профеонализм и оперативность Андрея сработала на отлично. Машинка оправдала все наши ожидания. Я очень доволен. Рекомендую. Ребятам спасибо.
Руслана Чернойван
7 reviews
Смотрели с мужем автомобиль,спасибо Алексею,все рассказал ,показал и провел тест драйв,предложили скидку. Автомобиль мы не купили(решили еще повыбирать),но отношением и сервисом остались довольны .
Vlad Konopelko
2 reviews
Покупал у ребят машину, вопросов в целом нет. Я из Днепра, попросил предварительно машину посмотреть "экспертов", после осмотра отправил договорились о задатке - отправил. Через 2 дня быстро все оформили и уехал. Подводных камней не было. Приятным бонусом для меня было: 1. Запчасти/комплектующие к машине, о которых ни на фото, ни в объявлении ни слова. 2. Отправлял заранее сканы документов - по итогу оформление в Сервисном Центре заняло не более 1,5 часа.
Oleksii Popov
1 review
Доброго всем дня! Около недели назад обратился за покупкой конкретного автомобиля в даную компанию. Результат, превзошел все мои ожидания. Кроме того, что я получил красивое и справное авто, так ещё и получил в подарок дополнительные плюшки. Так же хочу отметить профессионализм Андрея и его индивидуальный поход к каждому клиенту. И за это ему отдельное спасибо!
All reviews

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To calculate the cost, fill out the form on the right

If you urgently need money and you have a car, then there is a quick financial solution: buying a car. In Kyiv, this service can be obtained at the Rudolf Autohaus dealership.

Who and when may need the car buying service

Those who:

  1. want to get money as quickly as possible - on the day of application, not "tomorrow", "on Monday", "in a week";
  2. cannot get a loan for some reason (for example, because it takes a long time, or because you do not have official employment, or you have a bad credit history);
  3. do not want to borrow money from relatives-friends-colleagues, or they cannot lend you the required amount quickly;
  4. want to get the entire amount in cash (even if you get a loan - most likely, it will be issued to you on a card, from which you will have to withdraw it, and lose a percentage for withdrawing via an ATM).

In conclusion, express auto buying in Kyiv will be useful for those who want to get money as quickly and simply as possible, without getting entangled in bureaucratic complexity and checks. This service will be useful if you need to:

  1. change the car: quickly sell the old one and buy a new one (for such clients, car dealerships are good in that they offer an exchange: you can choose another car there);
  2. support the business (for example, pay for rent, buy equipment or materials, order software);
  3. sell a car that is in credit — "ordinary" buyers in most cases refuse to take such cars, and in auto buying, you can give them;
  4. invest money in a profitable offer;
  5. financially help a close person who has serious difficulties;
  6. make the first installment on a mortgage;
  7. quickly sell a car (for example, when moving to another city or country), and you do not want to wait long, answer calls from interested parties, spend time meeting for viewing, worry about the honesty of the deal;
  8. pay medical expenses.

Above, we have provided only the most common reasons for which people decide to sell a car if they urgently need money, and if the amount is quite large.

How the auto buy process takes place

Step by step, the urgent car buying process in Kyiv at Rudolf Autohaus takes place according to the following scheme:

  1. You call the car dealership and initially inform them that you want to urgently sell a car in Kyiv. You can get a preliminary consultation immediately over the phone: what exactly you need to take with you for the deal, and what approximate amount you will be able to get, depending on the model, year of manufacture, mileage and condition. Another option is you can send a photo of the car to us in the messenger, and we will be able to name the cost of the deal more accurately. This can save time: if you don't like the cost right away - you don't have to go anywhere.
  2. You meet with the appraiser. The time and place are agreed: we are ready to evaluate when and where it will be convenient for you. If you want, you can evaluate the car at any car service station before this to have an independent opinion in your hands and understand that we are not deliberately lowering the amount. Our appraiser will inspect it visually, assess the LCP and the condition of body parts, check the state of the engine, suspension, transmission and other important units.
  3. We tell you how much we are ready to give you in hand. In the calculation, we are guided by the results of the evaluation, as well as by the current price for similar cars on the market.
  4. If the amount suits you, we check the legal purity of the car (whether it is not listed as wanted, under arrest, not in credit or leasing).
  5. We draw up documents and give you the entire amount at once. We can make payment in cash or by transfer, including to the company account (if the car is not in your possession, but registered with a legal entity).

Benefits of car buying in Kyiv at Rudolf Autohaus

It is worth selling a car urgently in Kyiv precisely at Rudolf Autohaus, because we:

  1. can name an approximate price without a personal meeting - you just need to send photos and a description of the car via messenger, and we will tell you approximately how much you can get for it;
  2. purchase problem cars (except for cars after serious accidents) and credit cars for which the loan has not yet been repaid - and this is a big plus: many companies that deal with car buying in Kyiv do not agree to deal with such deals, or significantly lower the price;
  3. have been working for a long time: we have been on the Ukrainian car market for more than 8 years, and we buy about 300 cars per year - that is, customers often give preference to us;
  4. work not only with passenger cars: you can bring us a motorcycle or commercial transport;
  5. work with cars of all manufacturers and all models, not just the most popular and common ones;
  6. have no hidden commissions and additional costs: you will only have to spend on the road to us and back;
  7. fit within 1 hour (excluding the road to the appraiser, to the office and back), so you can get the money on the same day when you decide to contact the car buying service;
  8. offer an excellent price: up to 80-90% of the market value of the car (more precisely - it depends on the model, year of manufacture, configuration, mileage and external and technical condition of the car);
  9. legally everything is formalized cleanly and according to the law - immediately after the sale, the car is deregistered (if you wish, you can take your lawyer to accompany the deal, who will check all the documents - for your peace of mind);
  10. have Trade-in: you can sell us your car, and choose a new one in our dealership for this amount (in this case, we will value your car more than in the usual car buying);
  11. take all the worries associated with selling the car completely off you: diagnostics, assessment and processing of the deal (when selling independently, you can spend a lot of time on such matters, and you can wait for the buyer and money for several months).

If you have any questions left, or you are already ready to quickly and simply sell your car expensive, just call or write to us, and we will help.

We buy more than 300 used cars per year. In 8 years of work, we have learned to do it professionally. Thanks to the fact that our salon is located in Kyiv, we will appreciate your car more expensive, proceeding from the good demand for used cars in the capital.

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